Sunday Service

While stringent Covid-19 restrictions have been in force we have not been able to gather in church until further notice. The Sunday sermon is still available on the church website from Sunday morning each week and summarised in the Newsletter. Prayer meetings and Bible Studies will continue on Zoom as advertised.

While general restrictions continue to apply, the preliminary easing for religious gatherings from 26th March means that the church will be open for Sunday Worship at 10 30 am on both Palm Sunday, 28th March, and Easter Day, 4th April. Then, from the following Sunday, 11th April, we will revert to two separate meetings at 10 30am and 6 30pm until further notice. We are pleased to be returning to worshipping together again in church and hope you will be able to attend. Everyone is welcome to attend all services and previous precautions will again be in place in line with Government guidelines.

Sunday Sermon

The latest Sunday Sermon can be accessed from this website (see link on Home Page) from 10:30 am on Sunday mornings. The recording currently is audio only. Previous sermons are available in an archive and can be accessed at any time here or from anywhere in the website through the RESOURCES menu.

Prayer Times

The Prayer Time is conducted each Tuesday at 8 pm using Zoom technology. It normally has an introductory devotional and then is free for any participant to engage in prayer.

Additional brief 30-minute prayer times by Zoom are also available on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10 am.

Further simplified instructions and access details for the Zoom meeting are available on request.

Bible Study

Zoom Bible Studies will continue on Thursday evenings at 7 30pm focusing on the structure and message of the Old Testament.