COVID-19 notice

In light of the Government advice regarding public life in facing the Coronavirus we have taken the decision to cancel all public meetings of our Church until such time as it is deemed safe for us to gather publicly again. We regret that this decision has had to be made, but to do our part as responsible citizens we felt it was necessary. In the interim we would encourage you to adhere to the following;
  1. Continue worshipping God in your home and even use the extra time you may have to pray for God’s blessing on the nation and on the church in the future.
  2. Look out for one another and for others in our community who may need help at this time. Please do not feel embarrassed to reach out for help of any kind.
  3. Ensure that the Church leadership have your most up to date contact details, including emails and mobile numbers. It would be good to know if you are on any social media platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp.
  4. Keep checking on Church Website for information and for messages which will be uploaded for you to listen to.
  5. As the Church will still be liable for all outgoings please endeavour to continue your giving of tithes and offerings to the Lord. Please contact David Jack, our treasurer for information on ways to give.

Private Prayer

With the easing of some lockdown measures we are now able to offer the opportunity for people to enter the church building for private prayer should they wish. Whilst this is not part of our usual church life, we are conscious that after weeks of isolation some may appreciate the opportunity to come into the quietness of the church building and take time to reflect and pray. This invitation is open to all and the building will be accessible from 2-4 pm on Sundays and Wednesdays beginning on Sunday 5th July. People are welcome to come and go as they please during these times, but numbers will be monitored to ensure we continually comply with social distancing measures. There will also be hygiene stations at the entrance and exit of the building as well as free masks if anyone does not have their own. We are thankful that things are progressing in our nation and we continue to encourage the seeking after God in these difficult days. For any further enquiry email or phone 0141 956 2253.

Lessons from Lockdown

The sermons preached by John Macleod during lockdown have been both recorded separately and summaries of them included in a small booklet entitled Lessons from Lockdown highlighting the thrust of the messages and the belief that they form a very definite word from the Lord to us as a church to which we need to respond.

They can be accessed  under the Resources menu here.

They are also available as an A4 document or in pdf formatted for printing as an A5 booklet by printing on both sides in landscape orientation. Alternatively, hard copies may be obtained by request by contacting the church.

Weekly Newsletter

At the present time when self isolation and social distancing is the order of the day, we are publishing a new Fellowship Newsletter which we trust will be informative of events outside of our homes and also encouraging to continue to trust in a God who has everything within His control. The weekly newletters for the previous weeks can also be downloaded here:

Bible studies

We are embarking on an experimental Bible Study series using Zoom to offer the studies intended to be held from April to May in the church. Under the title Getting to Know Your Bible these will focus on looking at the Bible as a whole, beginning with its origins, structure and characteristics and then looking more closely at the various sections (OT, 4 Gospels, NT) in order to better appreciate its main message and the significance of its various components. It will be led by Howel Jones and, hopefully, will allow for participant interaction as well as more systematic presentation. It can be accessed on the internet by clicking here (ID: 899 8445 3732, Password: 005502) or by telephone on 0131 460 1196.

Prayer Meeting

The Prayer Time is now conducted by Zoom each Tuesday at 8 pm using Zoom technology. It can be accessed, using computer, tablet, iPad or by clicking on the following link: (ID: 819 2022 9424; Password: 047533). Or, alternatively, the meeting can be accessed by telephone on 0131 460 1196.

An additional brief 30-minute prayer time by Zoom has been arranged by the Elders on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10 am, starting on Wednesday 27th May.  Our pastor John Macleod will lead with a Scripture reading which will be followed by open prayer. Access is by the same ID and password as the Tuesday  Zoom Prayer meeting.


As the Church is still liable for all outgoings throughout this difficult period we would encourage members to continue their financial giving of tithes and offerings to the Lord. For those who regularly give by monthly Standing Order no action is needed. However for those who give by envelope or through the offering bags the following suggestions may be helpful:

  • Monthly Standing Order – This is the preferred method which requires a simple form from your own bank to be completed. It only needs to be arranged once. For those who are self-isolating, a friend or neighbour may be willing to obtain and return the form from your bank.
  • BACS – For those who have internet access to their personal bank account, a BACS transfer could be made to the Church at any time. To assist the Treasurer to identify transfers for Gift Aid and Non Gift Aid purposes, transfers should be identified by the initial of the forename followed by the surname (eg D Jack).
  • Cash and cheques– For those who give weekly or monthly by cash or cheque it is recommended that this is now given only by a cheque which should be mailed to the Treasurer.

For the bank details, please contact our treasurer David Jack

Ladies afternoon meeting

The Ladies’ Meeting planned for Thursday, 14th May to Caldwell Garden Centre has been cancelled because of the COVID 19 restrictions.