COVID-19 notice

With easing of restrictions, alternative measures are being taken to allow meeting in church. While general restrictions continue to apply, the preliminary easing for religious gatherings from 26th March means that the church will be open for Sunday Worship at 10:30 am on both Palm Sunday, 28th March, and Easter Day, 4th April. Then, from the following Sunday, 11th April, we will revert to two separate meetings at 10:30am and 6:30pm until further notice.

The Sunday morning service is still being broadcast live on Zoom at 10:30 am followed by an informal time of fellowship. Use the Contact Us form for details.

We are pleased to be returning to worshipping together again in church and hope you will be able to attend. Everyone is welcome to attend all services and previous precautions will again be in place in line with Government guidelines.

The Sunday sermon will still be available on the church website from Sunday morning each week and summarised in the Newsletter. Prayer meetings and Bible Studies will continue on Zoom as advertised.

Weekly Sunday Service Broadcast on Zoom

As a temporary measure during the current period of lockdown (from January 2021 until further notice) the Sunday Morning Service is being broadcast live on Zoom and followed by an informal time of fellowship using Zoom’s ‘breakout rooms’ to facilitate smaller groups being able to chat together and reflect on the morning’s ministry. The situation is being kept under review.

Weekly Newsletter

At the present time when self isolation and social distancing is the order of the day, we are publishing a new Fellowship Newsletter which we trust will be informative of events outside of our homes and also encouraging to continue to trust in a God who has everything within His control. The weekly newsletters for the previous weeks can be downloaded here:

#One2Seven online

The Easter #One2Seven series on the theme From Darkness into Light presented by Brian Lowrie and his team from Mad Ministries and supported by our own folk will be broadcast each Wednesday in March at 6:30pm. Access by clicking here.


Please pray for this outreach that parents will encourage children to view and participate and that they will understand the true significance of Easter and why Jesus died on the cross at Calvary.

Bible studies

We have now reached the end of Genesis, the first part of our Spring series looking at the Pentateuch. Summary Notes from this studies have been compiled and are available in the Resources section. Hard copies can be made available on request.

From Thursday 4th March at 7:30 pm we will go on to study the Book of Exodus. 

For access details, please get in touch through the CONTACT US form.

Prayer Meeting

Under the present restrictions the Prayer Meeting is conducted by Zoom on Tuesday evenings from 8 pm to 9 pm each week and supplemented with additional prayer times on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10:00 – 10:30 am.


As the Church is still liable for all outgoings throughout this difficult period we would encourage members to continue their financial giving of tithes and offerings to the Lord. For those who regularly give by monthly Standing Order no action is needed. However for those who give by envelope or through the offering bags the following suggestions may be helpful:

  • Monthly Standing Order – This is the preferred method which requires a simple form from your own bank to be completed. It only needs to be arranged once. For those who are self-isolating, a friend or neighbour may be willing to obtain and return the form from your bank.
  • BACS – For those who have internet access to their personal bank account, a BACS transfer could be made to the Church at any time. To assist the Treasurer to identify transfers for Gift Aid and Non Gift Aid purposes, transfers should be identified by the initial of the forename followed by the surname (eg D Jack).
  • Cash and cheques– For those who give weekly or monthly by cash or cheque it is recommended that this is now given only by a cheque which should be mailed to the Treasurer.

For the bank details, please contact our treasurer David Jack